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When all is pressed and posted…

MozillaBadgeFinally, my last post as a student of Creating and Publishing Digital Media, but I’m sure it won’t be my last ever blog post. Having learnt so much about blogging and all the tools that go with it, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I certainly hope to continue blogging in some way or another. For our final assignment, we created presentations using Prezi. I found the site quite user-friendly and liked that it offered a new opportunity for making presentations over the familiar Powerpoint features we are all so familiar with. As the presentations are then hosted online, it makes it easier to share and access them anywhere that has an internet connection. The embed code provided didn’t work with WordPress though, so I had to edit this and use a Gigya short code to embed it successfully onto my blog (Check it out!). In addition to talking us through this in class, Niall also introduced some tools for learning more about HTML and the concept of Mozilla Open Badges. I’m hoping to learn more about coding but I’m not taking any modules on it so it’s always interesting to hear more about how you can develop these skills yourself, and even gain recognition for it. Between what I have learnt in this module, and another one on Information Architecture, I am far less intimidated by the thought of entering the digital world in a more professional capacity.

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Week Nine: Optimize This

SearchesHaving learnt the basics of blogging, and improved my skills in producing some interesting content – in either the form of photos or podcasts – it would seem that it is time to start thinking about taking things to the next level: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Although I have really enjoyed the experience of maintaining this blog over the past nine or ten weeks, and I have certainly enjoyed sharing in this experience with my classmates by reading their blogs, I’m not sure if I want these pages to be picked up regularly by people searching the internet. The concept of SEO is really interesting though so I found this week’s lecture useful, even if just from a nerdy librarian angle, as SEO is directly related to intelligent indexing of content. Continue reading

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Week Eight: Social Media and Me

This week’s topic was social media tools and how they are used for promotion, either of yourself, a business or a campaign – anything really. I use Facebook quite a lot socially and find it great for staying in touch with friends living around the world, and I love seeing everyone’s photos. I used to spend ages choosing and editing photos from nights out and holidays to post on Facebook because I hated it when other people would just empty Continue reading

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Week Seven: Blogging and beyond

With seven weeks of lectures completed in Creating and Publishing Digital Media, we have covered a lot of ground. Reflecting back on each of my posts so far, and looking at my blog as a whole I can really see all of the elements of the course coming together. This week, I uploaded my audio file to PodOmatic and officially have a published podcast! This process was quite straightforward – especially in comparison to the whole process of recording and editing the file. PodOmatic makes publishing and promoting your podcast really simple. They provided an RSS link to the podcast, which can be added to any page, such as this blog, and allows people to subscribe Continue reading

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Week Six: Procrastinating with podcasting

Since recording my audio file I have spent the past week re-visiting it and playing around with the different effects and tools in Audacity. I managed to remove the background noises of me brushing off my blanket-cave and moving the book or torch. You forget that every little thing gets picked up by the microphone. It reminded me of the time someone made a short video for the society I was in, and after we sat around chatting in the park for a while, the guy recording the sound had to interrupt us and tell us to stop picking pieces of grass. We were doing this completely subconsciously and apparently it was being caught by the microphone really clearly – more clearly than us talking! So I suppose the ideal thing is to get your recording conditions perfect, Continue reading

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Getting ready to take on Week Six: Sound editing

In order to edit and publish a podcast we must first record a piece of audio. I have decided to read a profile of Margaret Bourke – White (1904 – 1971): photographer and all round inspirational woman. The extract is from Photography: A Cultural History (2nd Ed) 2006, by Mary Warner Marien.

This is my all-time favourite photo of hers –

Louisville Flood Victims, 1937 – Margaret Bourke-White

I recorded myself with the built in microphone on my laptop first, which was ok, but a bit flat sounding. I then decided to give the voice recorder on my phone a go. Continue reading

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Week Five: Testing, One, Two….

This week is possibly the most daunting week so far – we are learning about audio files, recording, editing and finally – creating a podcast! This is daunting for many reasons; firstly, like many people the thought of hearing my own voice recorded is not appealing; secondly, I have never done any recording or editing before; and thirdly, the world of audio entertainment is one I admire so much that I feel I have a lot to live up to.

For a time growing up, we had no television in my house. In it’s place books and the radio were the main forms of entertainment, particularly music programs and BBC Radio 4 dramas, documentaries and comedies. Just hearing the opening music from Dessert Island Discs brings on a wave of nostalgia. That and the Just a Minute Quiz are just two classics that stand out as excellent radio programs, proven by their long running popularity with both participants and audiences. Continue reading


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